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sarge planning: interdependent packages

Hi all,

This is a quick note to inform the maintainers of the packages listed
above that these packages are currently all have interrelated reasons
for not progressing into testing.  Some of these reasons are obvious
from glancing at update_excuses, but others are less so; hopefully,
laying this out will help you cooperatively plan for your packages'
inclusion in testing.  Here's the breakdown:

- Krb4, heimdal, and cyrus-sasl2 must all be hinted into testing at the
  same time due to library transitions.  The hint is ready to go for
  this, though the packages are not because:

- Installing the new version of heimdal in testing breaks the version of
  postgresql currently in testing.  The version of postgresql in
  unstable no longer depends on heimdal (it uses MIT Kerberos instead),
  so it doesn't have to go in at the same time as the above three
  packages -- it can go in before them, when it's ready.

- Postgresql is currently not ready, because it's held up by perl.
  There are two outstanding bugs on perl due to unexpected ABI breakage
  in perl 5.8.1.  The perl maintainers are working on reverting this
  breakage, and I would estimate 2-3 weeks for the fix to reach the
  archive (and 2 days after that to reach testing).  Interested parties
  can find the discussion on debian-perl@lists.debian.org if you would
  like to lend a hand with the package preparation/testing.

- The new version of coreutils (aside from currently being out-of-date
  on m68k, which should be remedied soon) cannot be installed in testing
  until krb4 is updated there, because it's an Essential: yes package
  with a dependency on libacl1, which conflicts with
  libacl1-kerberos4kth, with the net result that libacl1-kerberos4kth
  would be uninstallable.

Please consider this an invitation to a mini-freeze for these packages,
and also an invitation to help watch over one another's packages over
the next few weeks to facilitate a smooth transition.  Ideally, all of
these packages will be eligible for testing in a little over two weeks;
but one bad upload of a package with a 10-day waiting period could
easily throw that off.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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