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Attempted analysis of remaining release holdups...

What seems to need to be done before release (apart from the usual
bug-squashing / buggy package removal, etc.):

* glibc 2.3.2 which works on hppa needs to be finished and uploaded.
(Carlos is apparently close to done with this....)

* gcc 3.3 which works on arm needs to be finished and uploaded.  (This
was a Pascal-only problem last I checked -- haven't heard any status info.
Actually, I'm a little confused by this, since GCC isn't listed as out-of-date
for any architecture in testing -- is it already fixed or something?)

* buildd's need to get the new toolchain in place to avoid problems with
building other packages.

* lcms dependency chain needs to get in.  (Colin Watson is working on this.)

* libsgc++ dependency chain should get in.  (This will probably go in on
  its own if everything just sits for a few more days -- there appear to
  be no actual bugs holding it out right now)

* KDE 3 needs to get in.
 -- qt-x11-free needs to be built on mips (timeout problem)
 -- buildd's need new gcc in place for kdemultimedia
 -- arts needs libtool update for arm
 -- Chris Cheney & others need to upload rest of kde 3.1.4

* python2.3 transition needs to go on (many people are working on this).

* Mozilla 1.4 going in.
 -- 2 RC bugs
 -- still isn't building on ia64 and arm apparently
 -- should probably sarge-ignore the 4 woody-only RC bugs after
    the above are fixed
 This needs more attention from porters than it's getting.  :-(

* Other Gnome 2 issues -- I don't know about these; I don't use gnome.

* debian-installer -- I'm still unclear on what needs to be done, but
  apparently powerpc and i386 are the only two which really work right now

What would be really nice if it was done:

* glibc which doesn't use stock kernel headers finished and uploaded.

* c102 transition finished, or all untransitioned packages removed: see
Things are close, really close.  (I wish willy would upload an updated
db2 which drops db2++ already.)

* Out-of-date-binaries-in-testing fixed up (there are not very many)

* Uninstallable binaries in testing fixed up (a list of reasons for each
one wouldn't hurt in dealing with this....)

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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