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Re: Nautilus/Galeon situation

Mark Howard <mh@debian.org> writes:

> If it's impossible, then it means mozilla, galeon, epiphany will not
> ship with sarge. That does not seem realistic to me.

The idea was to have GNOME 2.2 in testing as soon as possible to start
working on GNOME 2.4 in unstable. I'm thinking too that mozilla will be
not fixed in few days ... so the 1/ is not the best choice to have GNOME
2.2 in testing.

>> Mark, do you agree with this? Are you able to prepare a Galeon 1.2.8
>> upload now, or should I handle it?
> I don't agree, I think all effort should go to fixing mozilla. Galeon
> 1.3 hasn't had a great deal of testing; It needs to go into testing as
> soon as possible.

Please, just upload 1.2.5 without galeon-nautilus now, it doesn't
prevent to work on mozilla after that but it will stop to hold GNOME 2.2
out of testing and GNOME 2.4 out of unstable.

> If nothing happens after a few days, feel free to prepare a galeon NMU for
> testing (I don't have time at the moment, sorry).

What about letting NMUgaleon 1.2.5 in testing today and working on
mozilla after that ? It'll help a lot the GNOME situation ...


Sebastien Bacher

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