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Re: More testing cleanup

* Joe Nahmias <joe@nahmias.net> [2003-09-29 23:22]:
> Package: rsynth [non-free]
> Bugs: 206154
> Suggestion: remove-from-testing, orphan-package
> Analysis:
>   No maintainer upload in two and a half years.  FTBFS fixed in NMU two
>   months ago, no response from maintainer.  This is the only package from
>   this maintainer.  Package has no license, so we probably should not
>   distribute it until this is clarified.  QA will be contacted.

I will look into this.  Feel free to remove it from testing in the
meantime.  (By the way, why do we worry about non-free software wrt to
testing and the release?)
Martin Michlmayr

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