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More testing cleanup


Here are some more things we can do to clean up testing:

Package: request-tracker
Testing: 2.0.14-2
Unstable: 2.0.14-2
Bugs: 191165 196200
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
  Package has been orphaned, and is maintained by QA.  Newer version of
  package has been uploaded as request-tracker3.  Interested parties are
  working on a migration strategy.  I don't see a point in releasing with
  a broken package, if stable users are happy let them stay that way.

Package: rsynth [non-free]
Testing: 2.0-6
Unstable: 2.0-6.1
Bugs: 206154
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, orphan-package
  No maintainer upload in two and a half years.  FTBFS fixed in NMU two
  months ago, no response from maintainer.  This is the only package from
  this maintainer.  Package has no license, so we probably should not
  distribute it until this is clarified.  QA will be contacted.

Package: stellarium [non-free]
Testing: 0.5.1-2
Unstable: 0.5.1-4
Bugs: 198495
Suggestion: remove-outdated-binaries
  Maintainer has moved package to non-free because of license issues.
  Let's get the old binaries (from main) out of testing.

Joe Nahmias

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