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Re: Summary of python transition problems

Colin Watson writes:
> (cc'ed to -release for general information)
> Hi folks,
> Here's a summary of the problems currently blocking python2.3 from
> testing. It may be slightly incomplete, but I think I've got most of
> them.

fyi, yesterday I updated the list from Joss, see
http://people.debian.org/~joss/python-list.txt (link does not work),
see http://people.debian.org/~doko/python-list.txt instead.

> Buggy packages
> ==============
>   * garchiver: #210828
>   * gimp-python: #207304

automake problem, which it seems I failed to fix.

but one of it's build-dep's is listed as:

 -gimp1.2 (1.2.3-2.4 to -)

    * Maintainer: Ben Gertzfield
    * Valid candidate 

so probably, it doesn't make sense to move it to testing, if gimp1.2
is removed.

>   * python-imaging: #212853, blocks forg, sketch

I'll do an NMU now.

>   * python-gnome is lacking a mips build for some reason. This
>     contributes to holding back a lot of other packages: affix,
>     configlet, glimmer, gnome-tasksel, pydict, pyne, sql-editor, xkeysw,
>     and zwm at least.

does Ryan work on this?

> Missing builds
> ==============
>   * affix: hppa


>   * libapache2-mod-python: powerpc

already asked for rebuild ... no reaction.

>   * python-gtkextra: hppa mips

hppa done.

>   * xkeysw: hppa


> Hope that helps with NMU planning and so on. It would be helpful if we
> could regard Python packages as being in a mini-freeze for the moment,
> with RC bug fixes only; having to wait for lots of 10-day testing delays
> is going to be a pain otherwise.

I'll do another upload of the python2.3 and python2.2 packages to
properly compile with -mieee on alpha and fix wrong recommends in
python2.3. should be quickly built ...


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