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Further package removal recommendations

More removal requests:

Package: cwwm
Testing: 1.2.1-1
Unstable: 1.2.3-1 [i386]
Bugs: 192987, 196133
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 Package has two old, trivially-fixable RC bugs open against it.
 Pinging the maintainer has brought no response in almost a month.
 We'll survive without one more unmaintained window manager in sarge.

Package: cpanel
Testing: 0.3.1-2.3 [!m68k], 0.3.1-2.2 [m68k]
Unstable: 0.3.1-2.3 [!m68k], 0.3.1-2.2 [m68k]
Bugs: 187228, 184929
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 Two old RC bugs with no response from the maintainer: one
 race-condition FTBFS, one critical bug with a patch since April (and
 the patcher seems less than thrilled with the general code quality).
 There have been three NMUs since the last maintainer upload, yet even
 so, no one seems to want to work on these bugs.  Remove a package now
 that seems likely to become a QA burden after release.

Package: anon-proxy
Testing: 00.01.40-6
Unstable: 00.02.02-1
Bugs: 203957, 206304
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 Two-month-old FTBFS bug; this package depends on libxerces21 in
 testing, which will hold up icu, xerces, xerces20, xerces21,
 libxml-xerces-perl, and xalan until it's ready to go.  These other
 packages are otherwise all ready to go in, so let's kick anon-proxy out
 for now.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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