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More removals from testing


I'd like to get the lcms/libmng/libwmf/imagemagick/plotutils dependency
chain into testing, because perlmagick has been broken in testing for a
long time, which is causing bug reports and general confusion. Most of
the pieces are ready, but there are a few left that I think we should
temporarily clear out of the way for the greater good.

Package: autotrace
Testing: 0.29-1
Unstable: 0.31.1-0.4
Bugs: 211862
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 Depends on imagemagick and plotutils, so we need a new version, but
 it's blocked by #211862. Since autotrace is orphaned, let's pull it out
 until it gets fixed.

Package: mftrace
Testing: 1.0.12-2
Unstable: 1.0.19-1
Bugs: not-filed
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 Depends on autotrace, for which see above.

Package: python-biggles
Testing: 1.6.3-2
Unstable: 1.6.3-5.1
Bugs: not-filed
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 This is OK by itself, but the new version depends on both plotutils and
 python2.3, which means that we have to get the python 2.3 transition
 sorted out *as well*. From my initial look at it that looks like it's
 going to be a lot of work, which we can break up into smaller pieces by
 taking this out of testing.

Package: rubymagick
Testing: 0.1.3-6
Unstable: 0.1.3-9
Bugs: 148102 152864
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
 rubymagick wouldn't be too bad by itself, but it depends on both
 imagemagick and ruby-defaults, so we get stuck in the ruby 1.8
 transition, which still appears to need fixes to a number of packages.
 As with python 2.3, breaking this work up would be helpful.

With these four removed, we can upgrade lcms, libmng, libwmf,
imagemagick, plotutils, ale, animal, findimagedupes, kismet,
libapache-miniwiki-perl, mrwtoppm, oleo, prestimel, pstoedit,
python2.1-libplot, python2.2-libplot, python2.3-libplot, rss-glx,
scribus, wv, xastir, xdb; all that makes 28 more packages in testing


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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