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Re: Packages failing to be removed from testing

Steve Langasek wrote:

trying: -java-virtual-machine-dummy
skipped: -java-virtual-machine-dummy (1 <- 174)
   got: 191+0: a-41:a-43:h-41:i-66
   * i386: jmeter, tomcat4, tomcat4-webapps

Package: java-virtual-machine-dummy
Testing: 0.3
Unstable: none
Suggestion: yank-it-out-by-the-roots
Analysis: These three packages are all in contrib, and the dependency
 should therefore be ignorable. (java-virtual-machine-dummy is also the
 last in a list of dependency-satisfying alternatives for the packages.)

The tomcat4 version in unstable doesn't depend on the -dummy package but it does not move to testing as reported in #206034.


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