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Re: Packages failing to be removed from testing

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> [2003-09-21 12:39]:
> > trying: -animals
> Package: junior-games-text
> Suggestion: remove-from-testing
> Analysis: The maintainer of animals has uploaded a new version of the
>  package, but it FTBFS on all other architectures.  The
>  junior-games-text package should be trivially fixable to not depend on
>  animals, or animals could be NMUed to trivially fix the FTBFS.

junior-games-text shouldn't depend on that unmaintained POS; I will
file a bug report.

> Package: kernel-patch-2.2.20-powerpc
> Unstable: 2.2.20-3
> Suggestion: remove-from-testing, remove-from-unstable
> Analysis: The 2.4 kernels seem to be well supported for powerpc; the
>  removal of the 2.2.20 sources from unstable doesn't seem to have caused
>  a stir, so this package can probably also go without being missed.

Sounds okay; you might want to ask the PowerPC first, though.  CCing

> From <20030909053946.EFDF11C93D@laptop.nahmias.net>:
> Package: tkxanim
> Suggestion: remove-from-testing, remove-from-unstable
> Analysis:
>   This package contains a Tcl/Tk interface to xanim.  xanim was removed
>   from unstable because it was a long time orphaned non-free app that has
>   since been replaces/superceded by xine.  As this package is useless
>   without xanim, there doesn't seem much of a point keeping it around.
>   N.B. tkxanim is the only reverse-dep on xanim; so after it is removed,
>   both can/should be removed from testing.

Right, I will file a bug.

Martin Michlmayr

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