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yet more removals

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Hello all,

To be different, I went down the list of contrib packages with RC bugs,
and found a few that qualify for removal:

Package: atari800
Testing: 1.2.2-1
Unstable: 1.3.0-2
Bugs: 193397 203707
Suggestion: NMU, remove-from-testing
  FTBFS bug open 115 days, no response from maintainer.  Security hole
  reported 37 days ago w/patch; local root exploit (CAN-2003-0630).  This
  has been fixed for woody and the Maintainer mentioned a pending upload
  on Aug 5, but nothing has happened since.  I recommened removing from
  testing until this is patched.

Package: freenet-unstable
Testing: 0.6+20021221-1
Unstable: 0.6+20021221-1
Bugs: 177011 208399
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, orphan-package
  Maintainer script broken for 234 days, patch sent to bts in January
  2003. No response from maintainer and no upload in a year.  Even when
  this is worked around, the app seems unusable.  I'm guessing maintainer
  isn't interested anymore since he hasn't responded to the RC bugs.  It
  would seem that this pkg is more a candidate for experimental than
  unstable, as the pkg has quite a few old important and normal bugs.
  However, don't remove from unstable b/c of dep by frost.  I will mail
  debian-qa about orphaning.

Package: tkxanim
Testing: 0.43-6
Bugs: 208373
Suggestion: remove-from-testing, remove-from-unstable
  This package contains a Tcl/Tk interface to xanim.  xanim was removed
  from unstable because it was a long time orphaned non-free app that has
  since been replaces/superceded by xine.  As this package is useless
  without xanim, there doesn't seem much of a point keeping it around.
  N.B. tkxanim is the only reverse-dep on xanim; so after it is removed,
  both can/should be removed from testing.

Joe Nahmias, DD wannabe
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