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Re: potato revision one

Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cistron.nl> writes:

> Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> > All the security team need to do is upload the fixes into proposed-updates.
> > There's no reason for that to ever be done later rather than sooner.
> That too, but you also should post the list of package you want
> accept and refuse so people can comment on them. Release management
> is not a one-person task.

Err, what are you talking about?  Brian made decisions on which
packages to reject and which to accept by himself for the 2 releases
he managed.  Richard made the decisions by himself while he was
managing potato and Anthony did too while managing potato for the time
that he did.  So, actually release management is and always[1] has
been a one-person task.


[1] For versions of always meaning as long as I have been with the
Debian project.

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