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Re: Autokpgtest of r-cran-vdiffr failing - but why?

On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 10:19 AM Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> wrote:
> there is a test regression for r-cran-vdiffr[1]
> [1] https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/testing/amd64/r/r-cran-vdiffr/4040905/log.gz

The error logs from CI are strange. Further up one has

autopkgtest [21:17:35]: test run-unit-test: [-----------------------
BEGIN TEST testthat.R

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> library("testthat")
> library("vdiffr")
> test_check("vdiffr")
While collecting testing cases:
Error: while collecting vdiffr cases. Last error:
* test: ggplot doppelgangers pass
* message: there is no package called 'ggplot2'

So it seems r-cran-ggplot2 is missing.

BTW, which packages are installed during these CI runs? I am asking
because CI for r-cran-dqrng is failing [1] because of g++ being
unavailable. r-base-dev should be installed for the tests made by


[1] https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/testing/amd64/r/r-cran-dqrng/3874873/log.gz

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