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Autokpgtest of r-cran-vdiffr failing - but why?


there is a test regression for r-cran-vdiffr[1]

autopkgtest [21:17:43]: test pkg-r-autopkgtest: /usr/share/dh-r/pkg-r-autopkgtest
autopkgtest [21:17:43]: test pkg-r-autopkgtest: [-----------------------
Test: Try to load the R library vdiffr

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> library('vdiffr')
Other tests are currently unsupported!
They will be progressively added.
autopkgtest [21:17:43]: test pkg-r-autopkgtest: -----------------------]
autopkgtest [21:17:43]: test pkg-r-autopkgtest:  - - - - - - - - - - results - - - - - - - - - -
pkg-r-autopkgtest    PASS
autopkgtest [21:17:43]: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ summary
run-unit-test        FAIL non-zero exit status 1
pkg-r-autopkgtest    PASS

Any idea what this might mean?  It does not fail in my pbuilder
chroot where I'm running the tests at package build time and
the log is somehow not very verbose about that issue.

Any help is welcome


[1] https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/testing/amd64/r/r-cran-vdiffr/4040905/log.gz


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