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Re: r-base blocked by r-bioc-{iranges,s4vectors}

Hi Dirk

On 2020/01/15 16:51, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
r-base is still blocked.

I install what I need from unstable, but this simply is not right -- a
disservice to our users.

You are the maintainer of these two packages. Please permit r-base to migrate.

I don't think there is anything that Andreas could do to allow r-base to migrate, without intervention from the release team.

We don't want broken combinations of packages in testing, so either r-base is held, or r-bioc-s4vectors and its 30 or so reverse dependencies are removed.

There was some feedback in bugs #947001 and #947004 from s4vectors upstream:

> Based on the traceback the error happens during evaluation of the 1st
> argument ('target') passed to checkEqualsNumeric(), that is, during
> evaluation of 'runmed(y, 7)'. Since this involves base R code only
> (runmed() is implemented in the stats package) I would say that it's not
> immediately obvious that the problem is in my court.

Would you be able to investigate the problem from the r-base point of view? Right now, it is not clear to me whether r-base has introduced a regression, or r-bioc-s4vectors needs updating.


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