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Re: help with lintian errors


Alle martedì 20 marzo 2012, Ritesh Raj Sarraf ha scritto:
> I am trying to package appmenu-qt. At the moment, I am getting the
> follwoing error:
> E: appmenu-qt: pkg-has-shlibs-control-file-but-no-actual-shared-libs
> W: appmenu-qt: postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig
> W: appmenu-qt: postrm-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig
> I do not have any control file, so I'm confused where it is coming
> from. I also extracted the built package and did notice that it had
> a postinst and postrm script, which I do not have under my packaging
> folder.

shlibs, postrm and postinst in your case are created by dh_makeshlibs; 
it could be there's a (private?) shared library with a wrong/missing 
Can you please point to the appmenu-qt source and to your packaging?
Can you please provide the full list of files installed in the package?

Pino Toscano

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