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Bug#641039: kwalletmanager: German Name entry in desktop file is wrong and useless

> Where is the name of the application "KWalletManager" in German?

I am German and I can assure you that I have never seeen translated 
application names before. "KLettres" stays "KLettres" in German and does not 
become "KBuchstaben", "KRuler" does not become "KLineal", "Marble" does not 
become "Murmel", etc...

> As far as I see, it it translated as "Dienstprogramm für digitale
> Brieftaschen"

Yes, and this is exactly the bug.

> > Therefore this entry should be
> > removed. The attached patch fixes this issue.
> Desktop files are edited by the KDE infrastructure, so removing the line
> will not do, because it is added again automatically.
> Can you please open a report on
> https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=i18n&component=de&format=guided
> so that the team itself can discuss it?

OK, I will do so.

Best regards

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