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Bug#639845: Pixel garbage when opening context menus


I am the original poster Steve refers to, and here's what I originally wrote:

> since upgrading from Kubuntu (10.10) to Debian testing, I am noticing that a 
> context-menu, directly after right-clicking, contains pixel garbage that is 
> then overdrawn with the actual content. I often recognize the garbage as 
> content from some window. This also applies to other menus, like the K-Menu, 
> and sometimes (especially when the system is under load) even for whole 
> windows. When clicking the logout/shutdown button, the background around the 
> dialogue where I have to confirm my choice also shows garbage. I do not 
> remember anything like that from back when I used Kubuntu.

> I am using Debian testing and KDE. The issue is present both on my laptop
> AMD Radeon HD 3200, I tried both the open-source and the closed-source
> driver) and my desktop (NVidia GeForce 8500, closed-source driver). It does
> not matter wether compositing is enabled or disabled (except for the
> logout/shutdown dialogue problem, which appears only with composite
> disabled).

I can also confirm that a quick testing showed no garbage in Firefox or 
Synapic, so I assume this is rather a Qt- than a KWin problem.

Kind regards,

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