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soprano and raptor2

Hi Dave, Hi Sebastian, cc: debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org

I'm one of the debian maintainers of the soprano RDF framework, a framework 
written by Sebastian, building heavily on top of the redland, raptor and 
rasqal libraries by Dave.

Recently in Debian, raptor2 has been uploaded, and both redland and rasqal has 
been switched to raptor2, rather than raptor1, making soprano failing to build 
all its parts (and in turn making kde4libs fail to build, also breaking KDE 

As one of the Debian Qt/KDE people, I feel a little caught in the middle of 
things, and I'm hoping for a way forward.
I guess the possible ways ahead are
1) in debian, provide a redland and rasqal built against raptor1
2) get soprano to work with raptor2

Or maybe 1) as a short term solution, with 2) being the longer term solution.

I'm hoping for any help or advice, since I'm currently kind of stuck in the 
middle of things with unbuilding sources.

Thanks in advance

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