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Bug#609441: Pulseaudio


On Saturday, 2011-01-15, Debian wrote:
> Hi Lisandro,
> thanks for your tip, but i can't believe that Pulseaudio is a solution.
> 1. Pulseaudio is another (additional) soundserver. Why should he solve
> problems with phonon?

Which other sound server are you referring to? JACK?

> 2. I did have ominous problems also with pulseaudio in Kubuntu Lucid
> which only disappear by deinstalling it.
> When you read about the sound problems with phonon and KDE 4 in the
> forums, you will find no explanation or direct solution for the problems.
> Different users with different hardware combinations have tried out
> different things - and the problems of some of the users could be solved.

Some postings seem to indicate a general ALSA setup problem, i.e. one users 
says ALSA's aplay won't work either.

> But up to now the configuration and interaction of phonon with ALSA is a
> mystery.

Phonon (the programming interface) does not interact with ALSA at all.
Depending in which Phonon backend is being used, this backends multimedia 
framework is interacting with ALSA (or a sound server).

While I am on Debian SID there is most likely not much difference right now 
due to the freeze. I have the Xine backend configured and I am not aware of 
any Xine or ALSA related setup I would have had to make.

But maybe Xine did when I installed it in its role as a mediaplayer.

> The only thing i know is that phonon is the standard sound interface and
> output for KDE.
> But how it can be configured when it does not work for applications
> which can't use directly ALSA cannot be answered.

Well, the actual output is handled by the multimedia framework used to 
implement the chosen Phonon backend (Xine, mplayer, GStreamer, etc).
Maybe you can check if the player application of the framework your Phonon 
backend is using is capable of output.


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