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Bug#609441: Pulseaudio

Hi Lisandro,

thanks for your tip, but i can't believe that Pulseaudio is a solution.

1. Pulseaudio is another (additional) soundserver. Why should he solve problems with phonon? 2. I did have ominous problems also with pulseaudio in Kubuntu Lucid which only disappear by deinstalling it.

When you read about the sound problems with phonon and KDE 4 in the forums, you will find no explanation or direct solution for the problems. Different users with different hardware combinations have tried out different things - and the problems of some of the users could be solved. But up to now the configuration and interaction of phonon with ALSA is a mystery.

The only thing i know is that phonon is the standard sound interface and output for KDE. But how it can be configured when it does not work for applications which can't use directly ALSA cannot be answered.
The hardware sound is handled by ALSA and so it works when you use aplay.
But you have problems with applications who use the standard sound device.

I already tried to contact the father of phonon in person Matthias Kretz without success. I got feedback from the KDE Multimedia Team, but up to now nobody could explain how phonon works or how the interaction with ALSA is in detail.
Maybe i can say more in the future ...

Karsten Malcher

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