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Bug#584739: kontact: Kaddressbook component does not manage to connect with akonadi

On Sunday, 2010-06-06, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Package: kontact
> Version: 4:4.4.4-1
> Severity: important
> When starting kontact and switching to the kaddressbook component, "Akonadi
> not operational" always shows up, the underlying cause being that
> supposedly no agents are found ($XDG_DATA_DIRS is set to
> "/usr/share/:/usr/share/akonadi/agents/"). Shutting kontact down and doing
> "akonadictl stop && sleep 10 && akonadictl start", followed by restarting
> kontact fixes the problem.

This could be a duplicate of 583566

XDG_DATA_DIRS looks weird though, its paths should end in /share, e.g.


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