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Re: Accepted kdeplasma-addons 4:4.4.4-1 (source all amd64)

> Just when you consider library as private (which liblancelot0 is afaiu),
> it's easier to keep it that way (no headers) until you think the library
> is ready (and useful) for the public.

Well, I'm torn apart on this matter.

At the moment, liblancelot is a part of kdeplasma-addons and it is limited to 
it and to KDE's playground. In that sense, it is private. And I guess it 
always will be (since it is plasma-based I do expect that most users will 
eventually go into kdeplasma-addons).

But not because I don't want anyone to use it.

When I moved (for SC 4.5) the library from kdeplasma-
addons/applet/lancelot/libs/lancelot to kdeplasma-addons/libs/lancelot, it was 
meant to be a sign that is is beginning to be stable enough for other projects 
to use it. IIRC, Debian split it into a separate package a long time ago.

The policy before the move was that it can be used in the outside world, but 
that it should be considered unstable - functionality-wise.

Now, it is stable in the sense it will not crash an application that is using 
it, that it works rather well (except two classes I'll need to rethink for 
4.6) and that it has a rather stable API.

Somehow it seemed logical to make it public as soon as it got separated into a 
library - for the adventurous/brave people (just like libplasma was until it 
got moved to kdelibs), but now that I see the things from your perspective, I 
see it wasn't a such a bright idea after all...



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