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Bug#546199: libsoprano4: soprano-daemon must depend on libsoprano


On šeštadienis 27 Vasaris 2010 18:30:18 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Debian Policy, 3.5:
> "For example, a dependency entry must be provided for any shared libraries
> required by a dynamically-linked executable binary in a package."
> % dpkg -S /usr/bin/sopranod
> soprano-daemon: /usr/bin/sopranod
> % ldd /usr/bin/sopranod | grep libsoprano
>         libsoprano.so.4 => /usr/lib/libsoprano.so.4
>         libsopranoserver.so.1 => /usr/lib/libsopranoserver.so.1
> For me, the policy together with these two commands make it cristal clear
>  that there is no other posibility then: soprano-daemon MUST depend on
>  libsoprano4. It's irrelevant which package is useful or not or what any
>  kind of user may want or know. If I install a binary, then this binary
>  must depend on all the libraries it needs to run.

Which part of "not intended for end user" don't you understand? Probably 
package description is not explicit about this but I'll try to correct it to 
satisfy people who enjoy such nitpicking.

What's relevant and what's irrelevant are up to package maintainer(s) to 
decide. So far you have failed to change my opinion. What is more, the fact 
that you ignore the broad picture does not really help.

> I did see, that many applications depend on libsoprano4 and that it's
>  therefor very unlikely, that anybody would ever install soprano-daemon
>  without having libsoprano4 already installed. - But this is irrelevant. I
>  must be possible to install any random package in Debian and have it work
>  without relying on packages that are not in the dependency tree of this
>  single package.

So far you have not specified what's your real world problem with soprano-
daemon (rather than a random package). To be honest, I'm already tired of this 
thread so let's just end it here.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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