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Bug#546199: libsoprano4: soprano-daemon must depend on libsoprano


On šeštadienis 27 Vasaris 2010 14:24:26 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Your statement is confusing. You're perfectly right, that soprano-daemon
>  can not work without libsoprano4. Therefor I asked you, to put libsoprano4
>  in the dependency list for soprano-daemon. You do even install binaries to
>  /usr/bin that depend on libsoprano.

I'm saying that it makes no sense to install soprano-daemon if libsoprano4 is 
not installed (which means there are no apps which *actually* use soprano) on 
your system. soprano-daemon is merely a support package for libsoprano4. The 
same logic can be applied to binary and data packages. What is more, soprano 
is packaged the same way as libc-bin and libc6.

The facts are that:

1) libsoprano4 needs soprano-daemon for the library to be useful at runtime;
2) soprano-daemon is not supposed to be installed or directly used by users. I 
guess you are annoyed that soprano-daemon is not removed when you remove 
libsoprano4. But that's what apt autoremove is for.

> However there's the problem with the circular dependency. Since
>  soprano-daemon must depend on libsoprano4, you can only delete the
>  opposite dependecy, from libsoprano4 to soprano-daemon.
> If libsoprano4 also depends on soprano-daemon, then there's no reason to
>  build two separate packages in the first place and you merge them into one
>  package.

One of the reasons is debian policy which claims that support binaries for 
libraries should be shipped in the packages of their own.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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