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Bug#546199: libsoprano4: soprano-daemon must depend on libsoprano

> On šeštadienis 27 Vasaris 2010 13:32:27 Thomas Koch wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I don't believe, that eliminating the soprano-daemon -> libsoprano4
> > dependency is a solution. ldd shows, that the shared libraries included
> > in soprano-daemon depend on libsoprano4.
> > You should rather change the dependency from libsoprano4 to
> > soprano-daemon into a recommendation.
> Please justify your opinion. On the contrary, I believe soprano-daemon is
> useless as a standalone package and libsoprano4 is a lot more important.

Your statement is confusing. You're perfectly right, that soprano-daemon can 
not work without libsoprano4. Therefor I asked you, to put libsoprano4 in the 
dependency list for soprano-daemon. You do even install binaries to /usr/bin 
that depend on libsoprano.

However there's the problem with the circular dependency. Since soprano-daemon 
must depend on libsoprano4, you can only delete the opposite dependecy, from 
libsoprano4 to soprano-daemon.

If libsoprano4 also depends on soprano-daemon, then there's no reason to build 
two separate packages in the first place and you merge them into one package.

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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