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Bug#535324: kaddressbook: I want an addressbook client, not a mysql server

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Monday, 2009-07-13, Simone Piccardi wrote:
>> What I do not understand is why a client should be depend on the
>> installation of the corresponding server. It seems to like requiring to
>> install apache to run firefox.
> Not quite, this is a different kind of server/client relation ship.
> This is a session runtime service, more like D-Bus clients depending on D-Bus.
> A part of the runtime infrastructure, essential functionality shared between 
> applications through inter process communication.
Probably that was not the right analogy, but...  I still cannot think of
 mysql-server as a "session runtime service".

But also if akonadi was part of a KDE infrastructure, it should be clear
that people can have addressbook (like I do) in an LDAP server. That's
one of the supported sources for kaddressbook, so forcing me to use
akonadi (and to install mysql for this) just to look in an LDAP
directory cannot be a correct choice.

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