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Bug#523521: ark: Drap & drop to desktop folderview does not work

For this bug (and many of the others you just reported), it would be most 
helpful if you would report it on bugs.kde.org instead. That way, you can get 
in direct dialog with the developers about the issues instead of the debian 
maintainers having to proxy information back and forth.

For something that is clearly a debian specific bug, reporting it to the debian 
bts is of course the right thing, and bugs where it is better to release next 
debian without the package.

If you file this (and the other reports) on bugs.kde.org, please get back to us 
wtih the bug numbers you have chosen.


On Friday 10 April 2009 22:34:52 Jerome Vizcaino wrote:
> If you say so....
> The thing is this used to work in the "old" kde 3 series...
> On Friday 10 April 2009, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> > On Friday 10 April 2009 21:57:25 Jerome Vizcaino wrote:
> > > Package: ark
> > > Version: 4:4.2.2-1
> > > Severity: important
> > >
> > > My plasma uses a folderview widget on one of the two screens.
> > > After opening an archive, you cannot drag a file and drop it on
> > > the desktop (while dragging files from konqueror to the desktop
> > > works fine).
> >
> > From the documentation of debian bugs:
> > important
> > a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package, without
> > rendering it completely unusable to everyone.
> >
> > This looks more like a wish for a new feature.
> >
> > /Sune

Genius, I cannot turn off a utility from Office NT, how does it work?

From the tools menu within Photoshop XP you have not to reset the clock for 
receiving the monitor on the hard disk.

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