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Bug#496940: [kdelibs] KDE does not use /etc/xdg/autostart

On Thursday 28 August 2008, Martin Bretschneider wrote:

> This bug seems to has been fixed by Fedora and Ubuntu but not by
> upstream. Have a closer look on
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=444350 and
> http://patches.ubuntu.com/k/kdelibs/extracted/kubuntu_68_xdg_autostart.diff

It should probably also add the user local directory, unless that is handled 
by a different patch.

> BTW: KDE4 does not seem to have this bug.

Which indicates that it is more likely not a bug but a feature not yet 
implemented this other version of KDE.
After all the spec is from somewhen 2006 (and still just a draft) and KDE 3.5 
feature freeze was 2005.

Since small features were allowed later on, e.g. 3.5.9, on a case by case 
basis, those having such patched probably didn't submit them in time for 
these freezes either.


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