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A private experience report using KDE 4.1

Some days after the official release of KDE 4.1 the Debian package 
libopensync1exp3, version 0.36, was taken out of the repository without 
supplying an acceptable substitute: 
Thus the KDE 4.1 installation was made unusable. To be honest I really do not 
understand the gesture behind that behaviour. I understand that this package 
as part of the kitchensync suite was dropped out of security reasons. But why 
do you drop something without offering a sufficient substitute? 
I like the look and feel of KDE 4.1. That's really a nice and great product 
which is fun to work with. 
The complete libqt4-x11 seance of the experimental branch is something for the 
trashcan / dev/null device. All it evokes are hanging processses, icons 
avoiding to imply themselves into the task panel (Kmix, Klipper, Korganizer, 
Kwallet etc.). If one takes the qt4 libs from the sid branch everything is OK. 
Phonon seems to have trouble to show ISAPNP sound cards in the sound category 
of the KDE 4.1 system info. Only PCI or onboard sound devices appear there. 
The multitasking capabilities need more work, because a Pentium 4 machine is 
performing very slow if a DVB TV application is envolved and combined with an 
openoffice or iceweasel / Internet task. 
Some multimedia applications are still missing: K3b and kaffeine. 
The problem with the unresolved dependencies of perl 5.8 at the start of the 
KDE 4.1 installation does need to be resolved.
Whoever reads that: I hope I was a bit helpful with that.

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