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Re: [pkg-boost-devel] Bug#491225: When will the fix for #491225 hit unstable?

Hello Jeremy et al.,

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 07:07:23PM +0200, Jeremy Lainé wrote:
> Hi Steve,
>>> Any idea when there will be a new upload of libboost1.35-dev to
>>> unstable? At the moment bug #491225 is blocking packaging of
>>> kdevplatform and kdevelop4.
>> I uploaded to experimental to avoid problems with stabilizing
>> the distribution for Lenny release.  At present, therefore,
>> my plan is to wait until after the release before uploading
>> to unstable.
>> Do you need it sooner?
>> Do you need the fix uploaded for Lenny?  If so, I'm willing to make an
>> upload with this one bug (#491225) fixed, but we need to get approval
>> from debian-release before doing so.
> Having a fixed libboost for lenny would definitely be nice, as it would 
> make backporting kdevplatform-based applications to lenny that much 
> easier.

I appreciate that it would be nice.  If, however, the fix does not
make the first cut for Lenny, your code has the option of
working around the bug by adding

  #include <boost/mpl/and.hpp>

before including <boost/serialization/utility.hpp>.  It's not
elegant, but it should work.

In addition, there is the possibility to push a patched Boost
into the first Lenny update.

> However, it's not critical as kdevplatform itself is not  
> targeted for lenny. Basically it's your call :)

OK.  Boost is kind of fragile in that nearly every upload of it fails
to build (at least temporarily) on one architecture or another.  So
I am sticking to my original plan of no uploads to unstable until
Lenny is out the door.  Sorry  :-)


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