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Re: [pkg-boost-devel] Bug#491225: When will the fix for #491225 hit unstable?

Hi Steve,

Any idea when there will be a new upload of libboost1.35-dev to
unstable? At the moment bug #491225 is blocking packaging of
kdevplatform and kdevelop4.

I uploaded to experimental to avoid problems with stabilizing
the distribution for Lenny release.  At present, therefore,
my plan is to wait until after the release before uploading
to unstable.

Do you need it sooner?

Do you need the fix uploaded for Lenny?  If so, I'm willing to make an
upload with this one bug (#491225) fixed, but we need to get approval
from debian-release before doing so.

Having a fixed libboost for lenny would definitely be nice, as it would make backporting kdevplatform-based applications to lenny that much easier. However, it's not critical as kdevplatform itself is not targeted for lenny. Basically it's your call :)


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