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Bug#490160: libqt4-webkit / arora: SIGBUS on sparc

On Thursday 10 July 2008 13:34:02 Axel Beckert wrote:
> The web browser arora (which uses QT's WebKit as rendering engine)
> crashes with SIGBUS on Sparc with the default configuration (which
> IIRC tries to load the Arora project home page).
> This is very likely the same memory alignment problem as in the GTK
> version of WebKit (as already predicted by GTK WebKit's maintainer),
> see http://bugs.debian.org/487745 for details. This and the backtrace
> below make me believe that this is not a bug in arora but in QT's
> WebKit.

To leave a "paper trail" in the bts, the patches of GTK webkit were ported and 
uploaded yesterday. but is not yet available on sparc, but is supposed to fix 

Genius, I cannot reinstall the head, how does it work?

You neither have to get access on the TCP/IP virus, nor need to save a 
periferic to insert the virus.

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