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Bug#472054: knode: Too many scheduling interrupts

El 07/07/08 22:55 Frans Pop escribió:
> I've just tested knode with the (updated) patch (taken from upstream BTS)
> with current unstable (4:3.5.9-4) and it seems to work perfectly.
> With knode running inside kontact wakeups on my desktop as reported by
> powertop are down from ~500 to ~150 (kontact/knode is now frequently not
> even listed anymore).
> My impression is even that knode is quite a bit more responsive, but that
> may also be related to server activity.
> Interval news checking works correctly. I've also watched TCP connections
> using netstat and the "Hold connection for" setting for my news server is
> respected too.
> Tested with a single news server (different system on local network).
> I would recommend including this patch for Lenny as it is a very
> significant improvement.
> Felipe:
> I assume you've been using the patch yourself as well? Anything to add?

Indeed I used to have the patch I sent applied, but have since then ran out of 
disk space so I can no longer build kdepim from source. I noticed no problems 
whatsoever with knode with the patch applied.

Felipe Sateler

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