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Bug#472054: knode: Too many scheduling interrupts

I've just tested knode with the (updated) patch (taken from upstream BTS) 
with current unstable (4:3.5.9-4) and it seems to work perfectly.

With knode running inside kontact wakeups on my desktop as reported by 
powertop are down from ~500 to ~150 (kontact/knode is now frequently not 
even listed anymore).

My impression is even that knode is quite a bit more responsive, but that 
may also be related to server activity. 

Interval news checking works correctly. I've also watched TCP connections 
using netstat and the "Hold connection for" setting for my news server is 
respected too. 

Tested with a single news server (different system on local network).

I would recommend including this patch for Lenny as it is a very 
significant improvement.

I assume you've been using the patch yourself as well? Anything to add?


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