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Help with #283883: fail to open oo.org file over samba share in KDE

Hi guys,

Could you help me with this bug? I'm trying to open oo.org files over a
samba share through KDE.

( I admit, I'm not a KDE user... please don't shoot (: )

The user complained that he received an "file not found" error from
oo.org, and I'd like to figure if that's a problem in OO.org or in KDE.

Quoting the mail I sent to Sune a year ago:
> Did you check which file path dose kio_smb passes to OO.org ?
> You can maybe check the same idea, with an HTML file and firefox.
> Because if OO.org gets the wrong path, than it's a bug in kio_smb (or
> some other part in KDE).


Lior Kaplan

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