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Bug#479377: Can't install kdm in parallel to gdm when using dependency based boot

Sune Vuorela wrote:

> On Monday 05 May 2008, Daniel Hess wrote:
>> We have had a short discussion on #debian-edu channel on irc. Petter
>> suggested that maybe x-display-manager can be dropped from both.
> Or maybe insserv should accept several providers of the same function?

IMHO insserv should have a hints file, so one can indicate which *dm should
be preferred. In that case insserv could ask the user which one should be
picked via a debconf (or similar) prompt when it finds such a conflict.
And in case it can't ask the user (e.g. non interactive installation) it
could simply not alter the current init scripts order instead of aborting
the installation.

>> When no other packages or init-scripts need a running display-manager
>> this could also be a workaround.
> I don't know how insserv works, but what ensures that all installed
> display manager initscripts are run ?
> (all display managers tests wether they are the default according to the
> debconf conifguration - and if not, the initscripts does nothing)

I believe there's no feasible way to make insserv aware of that
(IANAinsservD/M). But let's see what Peter (CC'ed) says :)

> /Sune

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