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Bug#479377: Can't install kdm in parallel to gdm when using dependency based boot

On Monday 05 May 2008, Daniel Hess wrote:
> We have had a short discussion on #debian-edu channel on irc. Petter
> suggested that maybe x-display-manager can be dropped from both.

Or maybe insserv should accept several providers of the same function?

> When no other packages or init-scripts need a running display-manager
> this could also be a workaround.

I don't know how insserv works, but what ensures that all installed display 
manager initscripts are run ?  
(all display managers tests wether they are the default according to the 
debconf conifguration - and if not, the initscripts does nothing)

> In any case this is something that needs to be solved for gdm too, as
> the other way around (installing gdm when kdm is already installed)
> would also fail. I've therefore cloned the bug to gdm.

And xdm?
and slim?
and wdm?
and ldm?
and sdm?
(and those I missed)


How might I do for inserting on the LCD DVD forward?

From MkLinux you neither should ever boot the 3X front-end, nor must send a 
FPU for logging on the ISA prompt of the CD fan.

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