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Re: Suitesparse transition

* Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> [2008-03-27 10:19]:

> Sorry, needed a new OOo upload because
>  - it fixes a important calc calculation bug which we should not impose
>    on testing
>  - it most probably wouldn't have gone in anyway without disabling the
>    build on arm
>  - openoffice.org-voikko needs to go in the same time as OOo (and needs
>    a bin-NMU for upstream version changes, which needs to be done on
>    a stable versioning instead of some rc, because then you would have
>    the same problem on the final)

It is not that dramatic because petsc is already blocking everything and
there are no signs of progress.  petsc FTBFS mysteriously on at least three
architectures: hppa, ia64, and sparc.


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