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Re: Suitesparse transition

Hi Rafael,

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> The suitesparse transition is involving a quite large number of packages.  I
> prepared an igloo URL [1] with the ones I think are involved.  Please,
> correct me if I am wrong.  The mips arch seems to be the main blocker now,
> followed by hppa.  The arm, mipsel, and s390 arches have also issues. The
> openoffice.org package is the main knot in the web.
> I would ask you to not upload the involved packages until we we are ready
> for the transition.

Sorry, needed a new OOo upload because
 - it fixes a important calc calculation bug which we should not impose
   on testing
 - it most probably wouldn't have gone in anyway without disabling the
   build on arm
 - openoffice.org-voikko needs to go in the same time as OOo (and needs
   a bin-NMU for upstream version changes, which needs to be done on
   a stable versioning instead of some rc, because then you would have
   the same problem on the final)

Most of the archs (including arm, due to a bug, I hope this won't affect
the build of libmythes-dev only) picked up a a-d-w on xulrunner,

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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