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Bug#469204: kscreensaver-xsavers: please remove .desktop files and adjust dependencies on xscreensaver-*

#breaks other packages, breaks partial upgrades
clone 469204 -1
reassign -1 xscreensaver
severity -1 serious

CC to damog who should have noticed and have made sure this was fixed before 

On Monday 03 March 2008, Tormod Volden wrote:
> Package: kscreensaver-xsavers
> Severity: important

First of all - I don't understand anything.

> The xscreensaver package has now been split into:
>     - xscreensaver (core backend without hacks)
>     - xscreensaver-data (standard hacks)
>     - xscreensaver-data-extra (hacks not installed by default)
> Similarly, the xscreensaver-gl package is split into:
>     - xscreensaver-gl (standard GL hacks)
>     - xscreensaver-gl-extra (GL hacks not installed by default)

Wouldn't it have been much better to do:

xscreensaver (metapackage pulling in what xscreensaver used to)
xscreensaver-core (core backend without hacks)
xscreensaver-data (standard hacks)
(and so on)

> This means that kscreensaver should depend on xscreensaver-data. It
> doesn't need xscreensaver since it has its own backend. The -extra
> packages are for hacks that we don't see fit included and enabled in a
> default install, but interested users can install them on their own.

You definately need a versioned conflicts in xscreensaver against all versions 
of kscreensaver you are breaking with this change.
Currently you are breaking kscreensaver, you are breaking partial upgrades 
from etch and in general just annoying me.

> In addition to the hacks, the -data package includes standard .desktop
> files for each hack. (Same goes for -data-extra, -gl and gl-extra).
> These are in /usr/share/applications/screensavers.
> In the future, we might move hacks beetween -data and -data-extra. Other
> packages should therefore not depend on individual hacks, but look for
> the installed .desktop files. (Same goes for -gl vs -gl-extra).
> Tip: If you still need to ship a .desktop file for an executable from
> another package, include the TryExec key in the .desktop file.

Tip: if you are breaking other packages, please warn them ahead and send 
patches ahead.

Tip2: if you are trying to do advices on what to do, please test it 
beforehand.  kscreensaver needs its own desktop files in its own location.

> The hope is that this package split will make it easier for other
> screensaver infrastructures (kscreensaver, gnome-screensaver, etc) to
> enjoy the beautiful hacks from xscreensaver, and to avoid any conflicts
> with the xscreensaver backend. Similarly, we want to please those who
> prefer xscreensaver to the other backends by shipping a non-crippled
> xscreensaver backend in its own package.
> Thanks for your cooperation. Please tell if I can help you with more
> information.

Any information please. It has worked very well so far - I see absolutely no 
proper reasoning in what you write about this split.

For me, it just looks like "we can split it - let's do it" - and even done in 
a much breaking way.

 - disgruntled kde packager
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