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Bug#463535: logout hangs with libgtk2.0-0 2.12.5-2

I am ashamed to say my last two submissions weren't thoroughly tested.  It 
seames when I terminated the artsd process the first time I had also 
terminated this process:

/usr/sbin/acpid -c /etc/acpi/events -s /var/run/acpid.socket

which was the real culprit.  I have changed my STARTX is back to normal, 
rebooted, tested to make sure I still had the smae problems, which is:

Logout/switch user/end current session/ restart/shutdown  all lock up after 
exiting the desktop.

Used webmin and killed only the 
process:  /usr/sbin/acpid -c /etc/acpi/events -s /var/run/acpid.socket

Checked e-mail, started ktorrent, etc...

locked session and logged into a root session.  Did a few browsing things, 
etc.  Was able to end current session and brought back to my user session.  
Logged in to locked user session.  Ended session and was able to get back to 
GDM.  Logged in again and checked the process had not automatically started 
again with all the session activity I had done.  Then executed a 
menu "reboot" which rebooted successfully.

Please reassign to whoever handles "acpid".

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