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Bug#463305: kde4: Core Apps Crash Rendering Package Unusable)

My daughter discovered this by accidentally starting a kde4 session with no a 
single crash at all!!

1. Must have a clean .kde4 on start! Even the one that I got by starting using 
sudo was not clean enough. Got rid of that. Viole.

2. Kicker and kdesktop will come up anyway, it seems (the old kde stuff is on 
the path to be able to run stuff like kmail). Currently, the session settings 
are not working? so the excluding them did not work and running apps were not 
restored on new login.

3. Desktop settings and themes were not fully honored, Icon choices for 
"applications" showed, for devices NO. I did succeed in getting smaller 

4. Konqueror could not access the internet--klauncher failed to make the 
connections, w or w/o proxy.

In terms of this bug:
1. Place notification in change/log or in the preinstall script for kde4 about 
having no preexisting .kde4 on first run (temping to copy .kde to get all 
ones settings-a no no. Copy certain config rc files, konqueror profiles, etc, 
later on.
2. Can close.

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