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Bug#463305: kde4: Core Apps Crash Rendering Package Unusable)

Here is some more, possibly useful information:

Run from a failsafe session in an xterm, "sudo /usr/bin/startkde" will bring 
up successfully a KDE4 session, no crashes, everything (currently 
implemented) there!

Run without root privileges, I get all the crashes.

Apparently, run from a KDM logon, startkde is run as the user logged on, not 
with root privileges.

Possibly the kde.desktop xsession can be rigged to run as root or all users 
that will be running kde4 can be sudo-enabled for that command and 
"sudo /usr/bin/startkde" placed there. However, this is not a pretty 
workaround as is, of course, dangerous.

Running the kde4 session this way had the following side-effects:

1. The $HOME/.ICE.... file had its ownership and/or permissions changed. A 
subsequent kde3.5 session (no root privileges) could not access it so 
immediately fails. Changed them back.

2. The $HOME/.DCOP..... files were not available/dcop was not running so the 
session then fails. Went to a console an manually ran dcopserver. After this, 
I was able to run kde3.5 normally.

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