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How to prevent KDE from shutting down the machine?


I'm puzzled by this mystery, and not even a complete (not small) Linux User Group was able to help me.

I want to prevent ordinary users of KDE (3.5) to shut down the machine after logout. When they log out they get that dialog showing Konqui sleeping in a moon crescent, when choosing the shutdown option the machine goes down. I'm not sure about the background mechanisms involved, but this is what I did:

There is this option in the session manager in the control center to switch off that dialog. No use because any user can re-enable it, no root passwort needed.

There is that option in the login manager in the control center that specifies which users are allowed to shut down. This one irritates me, because when clicking to the login manager it initially shows me the option being set to "Everybody", but when giving the root passwort in order to be able to change it, it automatically switches over to "Nobody". But regardless what it is set to ordinary KDE users can shut down when logging out.

I've learned the actual shut down action is performed by the display manager.
I do not use kdm, in fact it is not even installed. I use gdm, and in oder to prevent it from accepting user commands to shut down I inserted the following lines into /etc/gdm/gdm.conf:
   # Don't allow shutdown on logout
According to the gdm docs this should disable user shutdown.

None of these things disallowed shut down by KDE users.

Forgive me if you're the wrong address here but I ran out of clues and no one else I asked was able to help. I'm not subscribed to this mailing list so please add my From: address to the recipients.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Version information: Debian AMD64 somewhere between Sarge and Etch, KDE core 5:45, kdelibs 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-3, gdm

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