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Bug#458133: Details, please


I don't have any reason to doubt what you say about qt's SIGBUS on
hppa.  But where is this documented?  Without an documented
evidence trail, we can't collaborate on solving this; instead,
each person using "qmake" will run into this independently and
waste time re-doing the legwork that you have already done.

Rather than relying on supposition and rumour, maybe we could
leave this bug open until the actual facts are in evidence.
The bug was closed on the strength of 

    According to some hppa people it is a misconfiguration somewhere
    on the buildds, so we are currently doing nothing except poking
    hppa buildd people occasionally.

For starters, maybe Sune could post some more details about the
alleged misconfiguration.  For example, the URL to a relevant mailing
list discussion would be nice.

Also nice would be some evidence of "poking hppa buildd people".  For
example, was it brought up on debian-hppa?  If so the message URLs
would be useful.


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