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Bug#443865: kwin: UTF-8 is not supported in window titles

Dear Sune:

How do I change my environment? dpkg-reconfigure locale?
Probably, yes. You might also want to want to look in kde control panel.

No, dpkg-reconfigure locale gives an error message and the kde control panel can only set language and region but not character encoding.

- oh and you also need to install the correct fonts to get the glyphs
Why aren't they installed by default?  Which packages do you recommend?
because they are not needed for most people?

Come on, we live in a global village now and hard disk space isn't scarce any more. Debian should be user-friendly.

I have been told that the dejavu fonts might have the correct glyphs, where
bitstream vera only has latin.
ttf-bitstream-vera - The Bitstream Vera family of free TrueType fonts
ttf-dejavu - Vera font family derivate with additional characters

I had dejavu already installed and have added bitstream vera now but the replacement glyphs for missing characters still show.

So the bug is still open.

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