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Bug#308110: Launching on 'about:blank' loads no page; denies functionality.

El sábado, 9 de junio de 2007, Adrian Irving-Beer escribió:
> I understand this is a low priority issue, but it should not be
> mistaken for a mere corner case that will never be used.  I encounter
> this bug every single day; I have simply grown accustomed to it and
> now routinely work around it, when it affects me at all.
> I always launch Konqueror via 'konqueror about:blank' because I prefer
> to begin browsing from a blank page rather than a big blue
> introduction to Konqueror (the about:konqueror page), which I find
> distracting.
> I could make my own blank HTML file and launch on that instead, but
> then I would need to clear the location bar to type in a URL.
> What I find strange is why Konqueror is willing to launch in a
> "half-loaded" state, rather than actually loading the real about:blank
> page (which exhibits none of these issues).
> In any case, this bug is minor (and apparently esoteric) enough that I
> don't really see the need to reopen it.  Just thought I would comment.

	Hello, Adrian.  I do not understand completely your comment.

	If I run "konqueror about:blank" from konsole, I get a blank konqueror with 
the cursor ready in the location bar.  Isn't it what you want?

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