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Bug#249784: kdm: Patch for SE/Linux 2.6 Security enhancements

On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 11:41:58PM +0100, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Hi,
> Let's see if we finally can add SELinux support to KDM in KDE 3.5.6 
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton filled a bug with a patch about this in 
> the BTS some time ago (I'm CCing this bug report, #249784), but the patch 
> was never added by upstream 

 yes - instead the KDE development team bitched about the bug being in
 the debian bugtracker instead of the kde one.

> and kdm still seems no have SELinux support.
> After ask help about this by IRC to Manoj, google has told me that
> Rusell wrote a patch some time ago, but the url where the patch used to 
> be not longer work.
> If someody has more info about this, please mail it :)

 kdm, wdm and xdm and gdm _all_ are _incredibly_ similar - it's as if
 they were all derived from the same codebase at some time (hmmm...)

 they all have near-identical user authentication, and it's pretty
 obvious, when you look at the right sections, exactly what needs to be

 in fact, without _fully_ understanding the implications, i simply
 cut/paste the code from wdm to create the kdm patch, and the reason it
 was rejected was because the original wdm selinux code had an obscure
 error-case _tiny_ memory leak.

 i mean, how _utterly_ pathetic and small-minded is that.

 a thirty line patch i think it was, where the area was abundantly
 obvious that you change one if statement around, and the guy couldn't
 be bothered to fix it, after contacting me _months_ - nearly a _year_
 - after i'd stopped doing selinux and kdm development and would have to
 take _days_ to recreate the environment and he could have taken a _few_
 minutes of his "precious" time to fix it.

 really i was not in the slightest bit interested in pursuing the matter



 small memory leak.

 in wdm selinux.

 fix that.

 shoot the kde maintainer of kdm - get another one.

 that fixes that.

 patch kdm.

 job done.

 that sound like a plan?  anyone know any corrupt policemen whom we can
 borrow a gun from with the serial number filed off?


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