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Bug#411625: Kontact getting mail takes too long, using 100% cpu

Hi Jacek,

On Tue, Feb 20, 2007 at 09:02:43AM +0100, Jacek Zubel wrote:
> Package: kontact
> Version: 3.5.5.dfsg.1-6
> Hi, I'm using kontact to manage 5 pop3 accounts, when I start it and there are 
> let us say 20 mails in each account, then getting the mails takes several 
> minutes even if the mails are not big, the cpu usage is 100% then and the 
> progressbars don't move smooth, i seams as the program blocks and waits and 
> then gets 1 email and then again blocks, when you then change the focus to 
> another window, and change then back to kontact it seems to be freezed, but 
> after a while it gets this 1 or 2 mails and shows up normal again, but then 
> blocks as described again.
> I'm using Debian testing with 2.6.18 kernel on 2 computers and on each the 
> behavior of kontact is the same.

Are you using any anti-spam program to scan your email like spamassasin,
crm114, bogofilter... ?


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